About us

Why last mile is different

We focus on the “last mile” challenge of getting personal protective equipment (PPE) supplies into the hands of those who need them. We arrange for the delivery of PPE down to the last six feet, by car or bike—so one of our couriers can deliver the PPE directly into the hands of a healthcare worker.

We communicate directly with health care providers. We collect requests directly from frontline workers and then verify each request to ensure their accuracy, need and urgency. This direct line of communication allows us to develop relationships with providers and get detailed, on the ground intelligence on where the most urgent need is, down to the hospital, unit and floor level. Privacy of our providers is of utmost importance—we never share this information externally.

We focus on distribution, putting PPE directly into the hands of providers who need it most. We distribute PPE supplies based on risk—prioritizing providers who are performing high risk procedures like intubations – and need, targeting under-resourced hospitals facilities that serve low income and at-risk populations. We developed guidelines with anesthesiologists, OB/GYNS, and a risk assessment and operations expert who has led disaster relief operations internationally and domestically. We give directly to providers, not administrators.

We coordinate with other groups to maximize efficiency. Dozens of independent groups and individuals have emerged to fundraise and source PPE supplies. While well intentioned, it has put additional pressure on the already limited existing supply of PPE. Our national network gives us the visibility needed to help coordinate efforts so that groups can place fewer, consolidated orders rather than many small ones to ensure a better price – preventing bidding wars and price inflation, and quality control to buy from our trusted supplier.

We organize nationally and locally. As the pandemic spreads, so does the need for more communities to take action. Local city groups are volunteering to share learnings through tool kits, templates, best practices, and organizing support for new teams on the ground so they can scale as quickly as possible and be effective. We share information so that local groups are working together and not competing for resources.

A Day in the Life

What a typical day looks like for one of our local volunteer efforts

Get involved

Join your local effort

Visit our directory of existing locales to see how you can volunteer your time or donate resources.

Pool your GoFundMe

Are you running your own GoFundMe for PPE, and would like to benefit from our coalition’s shared expertise and resources? Reach out to your locale’s community group through our directory.

Start a local effort

If you don’t see your area in the directory, reach out to us at LastMilePPE@gmail.com so we can put you in touch with a city lead to get you started. In the meantime: Get to know the PPE players in your locale such as Gofundme or city efforts, and read our resources on how to get your own group started.

Donate PPE or funds

Connect with your local effort to see what they need. If you’d like to direct your PPE or funds at a national level, contact us directly at LastMilePPE@gmail.com