Find your local group

Need PPE or want to volunteer? Find a group in your local city to get started.

Each of our group locales run operations adjusted to fit their city’s immediate needs. To see what volunteer opportunities are available, find your city’s contact main page, request forms, and contact information in the Airtable below.

If you have PPE or other supplies to serve front-line healthcare workers in your city, contact your local Last Mile group to donate and volunteer. If you’d like to direct your PPE or funds at a national level, contact us directly at

Don’t see your city? Learn how to start your own group.

As this pandemic continues, we want to help supply as much protective equipment as possible to those at the frontlines across the country. If your community’s healthcare workers have a need for PPE, please reach out to us at so we can put you in touch with a city lead to get you started. In the meantime: Get to know the PPE players in your locale such as Gofundme or city efforts.